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Comments from our customers

Namibia 2023

Marcello and his associates arranged our trip to Namibia, which was fantastic! Not only because Namibia, Namibians and the wildlife is second to none, but also because BMS prepared our trip meticulously. We had a self-drive safari and we received a very detailed roadmap including tips, sights and directions, which (except for a few minor errors) was flawless. Also during the preparations of the trip, Marcello guided us with his knowledge of the country. We found Namibia, the lodges and towns exactly as Marcello had described.

We ended up staying in two particular lodges that were not part of BMS's standard offering (but were still arranged by BMS). Elephant Lodge in Purros and Otjibamba lodge in Otjiwarongo. We can highly recommend both lodges, Elephant lodge is recently renovated, one of a kind and maybe the most beautiful lodge we ever stayed in, but also significantly more expensive. However, you do get what you pay for: an exclusive 5+ star experience out in the Namibian desert.

Otjibamba lodge is ran by a very friendly staff, with recently renovated rooms and domicile ostriches roaming about near the pool. it has a very relaxed vibe, the food and wine is good and our stay was incredibly good. This was a very happy change to the government ran lodges in Etosha... but Marcello warned us for the attitude there.

Thanks so much! We'll definitely be travelling with BMS again

Timon & Co

Another fantastic experience with BMS-Travellers

About 15 years ago we went with our family to South Africa through BMS. This suited us perfectly as we had different safaris, different and authentic accommodations and therefore very different experiences. It was organised, but still independent because of the formula of self-drive with route description. A journey we will never forget!

This summer was our 25th wedding anniversary and we wanted to make another special trip, this time to Sicily. BMS did a fantastic job again, following the same formula as described above. All the must-sees with nice and special hotels formed the basis of this trip. With as special touch a cold bottle of Prosecco waiting on our room upon our arrival! BMS you did it again! Great holiday thanks to Marcello and the rest of BMS. Until the next one!

Private Safari to Tanzania and Pangani

Hello Marcello,
We are back home, and we had a great trip, Alain, Alice, Ivan, Anatole, everyone is very happy. Travelling with young people is great, we laughed a lot.
We liked Joseph, his roughness, his cold humor, effectiveness, responsiveness, his perfect mastery of the track driving, authority, and the great care he took of us, he was the guide we needed. we gave him a nice tip, I hope he was happy, it's a tip, not a salary.
We have hundreds of photos, but it's too early to share.
the hotel service was perfect, but I should have thought it was a bit creepy for us, we did not need so much! no matter, It was a source of fun to be at Ngorongoro Serena lodge with senior "bourgeois".
We loved the Serengeti its vastness, its quiet savagery. The Ngorongoro is like Hollywood, almost too good to be true. Manyara also was delicious as introduction, we were lucky to see already a lot of animals including many elephants, and the hotel was absolutely beautiful.
We wanted to do a walking tour in Moshi but we were the only tourists in this season.
Marangu lodge is nice too, we loved his privacy, kindness of service, the beautiful garden.
we recommand also the walk to chaaga caves, the guide there is a kind of story teller, and we enjoyed with his tale.
Pangani was good also, beach crab is quiet, comfortable, and food is good and refined.
we organized there on our own a very local day with going and back to Pangani by motorcycle, visit, and dinner in the village of Ushongo, back by foot along the beach at night, with the full moon.
we went also to Maziwe but to late to enjoy really snorkeling, too much waves.
much more to tell you.
I was just disappointed not to find you on our way, give me a promise you'll come this summer
hope to ear from you soon Marcello
merci pour ce voyage de rêve
je t'embrasse

Zimbabwe was fantastic!

Hi Marcello, that was a beautiful trip to Zimbabwe. Thanks very much! Martin and Tracy


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